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Building Resiliency to Manage Stress Workshop

It is quite common now to observe that more and more people are encountering stress through challenging times at work and home. While some stress may be inspiring and motivating for some towards striving to improve and achieve their dreams, but excessive stress when unmanaged will not only be damaging to our mental and physical health, it will also affect staff morale leading to lower productivity, poor performance and even conflicts at work


This workshop seeks to help the participants better understand stress and the connection between our body and mind. This gives them a better understanding about the internal and external sources and triggers of stress and emotional reactions and how it affects us, our life and work. Together with techniques covered in the workshop, the participants will be able to develop a certain level of self-awareness and personal resiliency.


Having Difficult Conversation with Ease Workshop

The workshop aims to enhance your confidence in engaging a challenging conversation providing negative feedbacks or news. The workshop will explore the dynamics in communication through the lens of Transactional Analysis, while giving you a system in planning how to have such a conversation. You will get to learn and practice different strategies to carrying and having a courageous conversation that will improve your confidence, clarity, and effectiveness in providing negative feedback or news.


This workshop will help the participants to be more effective during difficult conversation by overcoming external and internal barriers; understand the process, planning and preparation in conducting difficult conversations; utilise a step-by-step difficult conversations framework; build acceptance and rapport; manage difficult and emotional reactions; identifying common ground and agreement; and maintaining relationships even after addressing tough issues.

Coaching Skills for Managers Workshop

Coaching skills has become one of the important tools in a leader’s toolbox. As Situational Leadership Theory has shown that coaching as an invaluable approach in managing team. Hence, this workshop aims to introduce the coaching concept to managers in leading their teams. By learning to leverage the benefits of coach, the manager not only finds that they can effectively develop their team, but also increase their effectiveness, while being able to increase staff engagement and helped in the manager’s own time management Hence, coaching skills have become an important manager and leadership skill.


Transitioning from Colleagues to Manager Workshop

Having performed well as an individual performer, you have been promoted to the next level as a manager / leader. However the technical skills that have served you well seems to be lacking in this new role and you are lost, which might potentially resulted in your failure in this new role. This workshop helps you to explore the difference between an individual performer and a manager / leader to allow a smoother transition to this new role. Participants will walk away with a better understanding on the requirements as a manager / leader, how to transit into this new role, and the soft skills that are required to gain higher confidence and becoming an effective manager / leader for their team. 

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