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Total Focus Workshop


Total Focus is a multifunction tool designed to free up your potential which is greater than you can, at present, comprehend.
In this four-module workshop, participants are treated to an experience that will likely have them do more in a shorter period of time than they might have imagined they could.

You’ll focus your life to achieve beyond what you previously thought was possible; earn to think ‘Above the Crowd’, in new and different ways to develop mind mastery; and develop Emotional Management skills to help you meet the challenges of life.

The four modules of the Total Focus workshop are usually covered over two half-day sessions, and this is then followed by our 90-day Challenge to Change process.

The modules cover: 

1. Self-Analysis

2. Action Planning

3. Mind Mastery

4. Emotional Management

5. Our 90-day Challenge to Change

Results Program

An exercise in creating a focused, balanced, emotionally stable and high performance team.

You need empowered ‘Champions for the Cause’ of your company.

This program is a Game Changer for any organisation wanting to go from Good to Great. This is an integrated, focused and deliberate approach to achieving measurable results for your business.

You will expect a team all focused on the overarching theme of your company; that is Empowered to Win and capable of meeting the challenges of change; and everyone armed with their individual strategic plan to do the most productive thing at the most appropriate time. 


The outcome from this programme are:

  1. Immediate higher levels of Productivity;

  2. This planning process will develop a clear Strategy;

  3. Your people will be Empowered to win; and

  4. We will be with you for the next 13 months in delivering the results.

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