Total Focus Workshop


Total Focus is a multifunction tool designed to free up your potential which is greater than you can, at present, comprehend.
In this four-module workshop, participants are treated to an experience that will likely have them do more in a shorter period of time than they might have imagined they could.

You’ll focus your life to achieve beyond what you previously thought was possible; earn to think ‘Above the Crowd’, in new and different ways to develop mind mastery; and develop Emotional Management skills to help you meet the challenges of life.

The four modules of the Total Focus workshop are usually covered over two half-day sessions, and this is then followed by our 90-day Challenge to Change process.

The modules cover: 

1. Self-Analysis

2. Action Planning

3. Mind Mastery

4. Emotional Management

5. Our 90-day Challenge to Change

Results Program

An exercise in creating a focused, balanced, emotionally stable and high performance team.

You need empowered ‘Champions for the Cause’ of your company.

This program is a Game Changer for any organisation wanting to go from Good to Great. This is an integrated, focused and deliberate approach to achieving measurable results for your business.

You will expect a team all focused on the overarching theme of your company; that is Empowered to Win and capable of meeting the challenges of change; and everyone armed with their individual strategic plan to do the most productive thing at the most appropriate time. 


The outcome from this programme are:

1) Immediate higher levels of Productivity;

2) This planning process will develop a clear Strategy;

3) Your people will be Empowered to win; and

4) We will be with you for the next 13 months in delivering the results.

New workshop available soon...

DreamCatcher Series

DreamCatcher Series is a unique and life changing workshop that is

based on the concept that you can dream all you want, but

you must be prepared and plan to achieve all that you have dreamt

while acting on your plans.


This workshop involves not only providing you templates for success,

it also arms you with the necessary skills to train your mind and upgrade your mindsets. There will also be coaching sessions

(group or individual, depending on needs).