It Makes A Difference in your life

Meditation is a deceptively simple practice of turning your attention and focus on your breathing, physical sensation or a word or phrase, i.e. mantra. Hence, meditation teaches you to focus on the present moment and building your sense of self-awareness. There are too many myths out there about meditation. Let me clarify some of them here:


  1. Meditation is not religious, but it is a secular and wholesome practice that helps you to calm your mind, learning to focus, helps to release any negative, emotional issues of the past and present and it helps to promote both physical and mental healing. 

  2. Meditation is scientifically proven to work and aid in both physical and mental health. It also changes lives. 

  3. Meditation is easy and fun to learn! It can be practiced and learnt by everyone, young or old.

  4. Meditation does not require any special clothing or equipment. It does not even require you to sit cross-legged in one corner with incense or such. Meditation can be practiced anytime, anywhere, even when you are walking.

  5. Meditation is not a replacement of medicine or treatments that you are receiving, but it enhances healing effects and allows the body and mind to heal better.

  6. Meditation is not about having no thoughts or emptying your mind. It is about observing your thoughts and becoming more aware of your thoughts.

  7. Meditation is not a quick fix to your problems. But with commitment and regular practice, you will find yourself having more clarity, better relationship and better emotional, physical and mental state.

Experience it for yourself by signing up for the Level 1 Meditation Made Simple or experience our unique ER Experience in Bhutan.

4 simple and fun sessions that will teach you how to benefit from meditation in your daily active life. This is taught in small group of 10 to 15 students to ensure more conducive learning experience.

Next stage of your meditation journey after completing Meditation Made Simple. These 4 sessions will help you to integrate meditation techniques further into your daily life. By making these techniques as your daily practice into your routine, you will be more confident in handling life's challenges. At the end of the day, you will feel calmer and able to take a better control of your life. The result is a happier you!

When you sign up for Level 1 Workshop, you will receive two books, ‘The Little Manual of Happiness’ & ‘The Little Manual of Meditation’, authored by Vikas Malkani (World's No. 1 Wisdom Coach) free.

You will also receive handouts and a certificate of attendance at the end of end workshop. The workshop is conducted on a progressive manner, i.e. you will have to complete Level 1 before going on to Level 2.

In each of the workshop, you will learn several meditation techniques and the wisdom that will help and guide you in your practice.

Each workshop allows 2 hours contact time, and the workshop is taught in both group classes or as private sessions.

Contact me to enquire about the next session or just to find out more. in the meantime, why not follow this FaceBook Page - Begin the Day with Meditation to find out more about meditation.

Escape & Rejunvenate

A time of reflection, meditation and to immerse in the beauty of Bhutan...

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