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Emerge Empowered With ​'Mens Sana'

Mens Sana is the Latin term for Healthy Mind. The substance of the Mens Sana program took six years to develop and write, the co-authors had 100 years of academic training in psychology, literature, history and business. We offer you this personalised coaching, not just to help you through these challenging times but also to provide you with the tools to emerge empowered, stronger and more resilient than ever.

Mens Sana will help you to discover your real purpose, set a plan to achieve that and empower you to negotiate whatever life throws at you. Right now, we all need a healthy mind. We wish you and your family, Mens Sana.​

For an investment of SGD540...

The benefits you get from this program are as follows:

Goal Setting – Discovering Your Ikigai
Module 1 - Commitment
Module 2 - The Road to Fulfilment 
Module 3 - Procrastination
Module 4 - Achieving a Balanced Life
Module 5 - Accepting Your Reality
Module 6 - Conformity
Module 7 - Your Thoughts and Words
Module 8 - Handling Stress
Module 9 - Thinking and Living Creatively
Module 10 - Mind Mastery
Module 11 - Emotional Management
Module 12 - Movement and Exercise

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