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The Power is within you...

Be the change you want to be and realise the power that is within you. This thought came into my mind as I meditate this morning. An interesting thought that I was not prepared for. I am wondering what does this mean for me?

Be the change you want to be: To be that change, I need to understand what is that change that I want to make. I guess something is nagging deep within me that a change is needed. What is that change, that is something for me to find out, or in some ways I know but have been choosing to ignore it for a long time. How about you? Have you recently sit down and reflect and think about your life and where it is heading? 

Realise the power that is within you: Wow, a powerful statement. Quite often, I do not feel that I have the capabilities, the strength or the wisdom to step out or go further. But when I am being pushed to the corner, I often realise that I have much in me that needs to be discovered and it never cease to amaze myself on what I can achieve. As I reflect on this, I think we were so influenced and shape by well meaning people around us, telling us what we are capable or incapable of that we forget who we truly are. But we never explore our own internal strength and tap into that positive power to make that change, we want to see. We just hope for that change.

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