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The Frog who is deaf

A cool story came to mind today that I just have to share. A group of 7 cute green frogs were hopping home one day in the forest. As they make their way home and chatting excitedly, 2 of the frogs did not see a deep hole in front of them and fell into it. As the 2 frogs tried to jump out of the deep hole, that has slippery and slimy walls, the rest of the 5 frogs gathered on top and shouting to the 2 frogs. They were asking them to give up, the hole is just to deep and there is no way they can make it out. One of the frogs agreed with them and laid back and gave up. The other continued to jump. As the rest kept shouting louder and excitedly, the other frog jumped even harder. Finally, he gathered all his strength and made another jump. This time he successfully jumped out of the hole. The rest of the frogs asked him, why didn't he heard them asking him to give up? His reply was that he was a little hard of hearing and thought they were encouraging and cheering him on.

Just as how we view the challenges that life throws at us, if we take it as insurmountable challenge, we will ultimately give up and fail. However, if we take it as a challenge to encourage us to extend our limits, we will strive and become successful. It is about perspective, just like the little green frog, who thought that the rest are cheering him on.

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