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Let’s face it, time really flies. It felt that we have just celebrated Christmas and New Year and her we are again at the end of 2019, heading towards 2020. Another round of year end celebration, reflection and making resolutions and plans for 2020. I ventured to ask any if you as you reflect and make resolutions and plans, what percentage of these resolutions and plans made in 2018 have you accomplished in 2019? Or in a was worst-case scenario, did you make any resolution or plans at all?

John Gilpin on a Runaway Horse by G. A. Cooper

Photo credit: Bruce Castle Museum (Haringey Culture, Libraries and Learning)

I was told a story not too long ago about a horse breeder who stays near a framer. Every day, the horse breeder would bring his horses for a run around the picturesque lake area. One fine day, the farmer heard a commotion when he was busy gathering his produces. As he looked up, he saw the horse breeder, looking bewildered, on his prized horse galloping away in a rush. Out of curiosity, the farmer shouted at the horse breeder asking what has happened and where is he rushing to? The horse breeder shouting back, as he gallops away: “I don’t know! Ask the horse!”

Some of us may be able to identify with the horse breeder, as they see their life galloping away, out of their control. They seem destined not being able to reach their goals or dreams. But are we truly not in control as some of us may feel? I beg to differ. Hence, I challenge you to make a difference for yourself during these last two weeks of 2019 and create a new you in 2020.

Research has shown that only about 10% of the population take time to plan for their lives! I often wonder how does the remaining 90% live their life. No wonder many of us find that our lives are galloping away and we are not reaching our goals or dreams. The more staggering truth is that of those who set goals or resolutions, only 8% ever reached their goals. Thus, it is not only about setting goals, there is something else that caused our life to gallop away without us achieving any of it. So, what is it and how can we avoid it? Do these 2 simple steps.

Firstly, I suggest that for this year end, forget about setting your goals as resolutions. That is the first mistake one makes. Resolutions tend to be generic and broad in nature. As we all know in basic goal setting in business is to make it a SMART goal, Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound. This often applies to our life goals as well, but I would like to suggest a modification to SMARTER goals:

Setting goals that are Simple, Meaningful to you, challenging but yet Achievable, that is Relevant to your situation, being Time bound that can be Evolving upon periodic Reviewing of your progress.

Secondly, come up with your action plans for each SMARTER goal. If you have No Action Plan, you are essentially taking a NAP! That renders all your goals a dream, no matter how SMART or SMARTER they are. A detailed and carefully scoped out action plans will help you to remain focus on the various tasks needed to be taken. With each task completed, you are taking a step closer to achieving your goals.

That’s all it takes, seemingly simple, steps towards reaching a new you in 2020. You can choose to make the first move by implementing suggested steps and take control of the reins of your horse, or you can continue with your usual self and ride along with your horse. The choice is yours, that is the catch. But do remember that the choice you make today, determines the results you will reap in the future.

To find out more on how you can achieve more and be transformed, contact me today.

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