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ACUV Steps

With the pandemic hitting the world, many unknowns are the constant right now. The current situation fits into the VUCA environment perfectly. VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

With this environment, most of us are feeling uncomfortable, anxious and even fear about the future. But these negative emotions do not allow us to move forward or to take action. With this, we will not be able to be prepared and any changes will catch us off guard again. This reinforces our negative emotions further, forming a vicious cycle.

How to get out of this cycle at this period of time and to be prepared? I would suggest to have fun to take VUCA and turn it upside down, just as it turns our life upside down! Hence, we get:

A - Acceptance C - Clarity U - Undivided Attention V - Viewpoint

To accept that the current situation is as such and there will be changes and challenges, which will not be within our control. Having accepting this fact, we begin to look for a constant within the changes and what are within our control, that is establishing clarity.

Having this clarity on what are constant and within our control, we should then put our undivided attention, i.e. focus on what steps we can implement to handle the current situation and be prepared for the future. Hold on to this point of view, a more positive perspective, that will serve as a reason as to why you need to take action now.

I hope this short note will help you to establish a more centered life for you during this difficult period for all. Should you like to speak to a coach or assistance, do connect with me with the link below: In the meantime, take care and stay healthy and safe.

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