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Create your Life Map Now!



I am so happy that you have taken that first step towards creating the life that you want!


I am looking forward to see how I can support you in fine-tuning the Compass of Life and moving on to the creation of your own Life Map.

I am excited to get on to a call with you and we can discuss more!

What other people says:

"Time spent with Robin brought certain clarity in my current state, as well as next steps. He was very patient & personable in the interactions, as he allowed me to share my concerns & issues with some amount of questions to help me delve deeper or refocus on what matters."
 - Cara Cheong

"Meditation is powerful. Meditation is a journey for life. I have everything I need in my life. Robin is funny in approach and serious in substance. His gentle technique was a pleasant companion during my journey of discovering the power of meditation."

 - Petr Pavelec

Robin asks good questions. He is not afraid of challenging myperspectives through asking questions. Also, he is patient andseeks to understand which is important to me.

 - Esther Ng

"Robin is a good coach and motivator, he has helped me evaluate my life goals and shown me a clear strategy and action plan in pursuing them."

- Khoo Lor Nam

"His approach enabled me to embrace my goals, focus on the specifics and work towards engagement for the topic and potential stage presentation techniques... His patience provided me space to freely discuss my challenges and limitations... His perspectives enlightened me on choices..."

- Melissa Tan

As a professional coach he is very natural, sensitive and well versed in using the various coaching tools and methods available...

- Jose Romero

Grab this opportunity now!

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