Challenges and demands we faced daily in our lives, be it at work, home or school, bring on stresses and pressures that weigh us down. While we have heard that challenges and demands keep us motivated and allow us to grow, these also contribute to many harmful effects on our health, like depression, cardiovascular disease, etc that resulted in reducing our earning capacity. It is sad to read about deaths caused by over working or suicides due to the inability to handle their emotions, stresses and pressures.


What if there is a way we can manage our emotions and prevent stresses and pressures from overwhelming us? What if we can rise above the crowd and triumph over these challenges and demands we faced in life? YOU CAN with the Training of your Mind to Master your Destiny!


Through 1 to 1 coaching, group coaching, workshops and meditation classes, I seek to Make A Difference (MAD) in your life, helping you to reach your potential, goals and dreams in order live a happier and more fulfilling life.



During each end of the year, most of us will make a resolution for the next year on the goals and dreams that we would like to achieve. When most of us review the year-to-year resolution, these goals and dreams seems to be constantly on the list. What actually happen? 


All of us have the potentials, abilities and capabilities to accomplish these goals and dreams. But yet we do not seem to be able to reach most of these goals and dreams, when we are faced with daily pressures and demands. These goals and dreams then take a back seat. 


In this talk, the participants will learn how to focus on beating procrastination and getting more done in less time. In understanding what is holding us back and how we can beat that, allows us to handle the pressures and demands in our daily life and yet achieve our goals and dreams.


Resilience is a learnt ability to adapt and grow following adversity in our daily lives. Studies have shown that stresses and pressures resulted from one’s inability to cope mentally lead to chronic aches and pain, diseases and mental issues, like depression. But this need not be so. With proper understanding of how our mind works and to have some techniques or tools, we will be able to cope better mentally.

This talk covers some basic concepts and strategies that allow one to better manage their stress levels. The talk will include a short practice of a mindfulness technique so that the participants can experience the effects for themselves. 


Ana by Karma is a social enterprise that brings finely hand-made Bhutanese Scarf, a testimony of women are vessels of talent, to the world. Designs are inspired by the serene and lush landscape of the tiny Himalayan Kingdom steep in rich culture, heritage and tradition.This enterprise is started through one small little action that requires very little effort. Through this little action that is almost effortless, it has grown to an enterprise that not only inspired many, but most importantly impacted and empowered women in a remote village of Bhutan.

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"Time spent with Robin brought certain clarity in my current state, as well as next steps. He was very patient & personable in the interactions, as he allowed me to share my concerns & issues with some amount of questions to help me delve deeper or refocus on what matters."

Cara Cheong



"Robin is a good coach and motivator, he has helped me evaluate my life goals and shown me a clear strategy and action plan in pursuing them."

Khoo Lor Nam

"His approach enabled me to embrace my goals, focus on the specifics and work towards engagement for the topic and potential stage presentation techniques... His patience provided me space to freely discuss my challenges and limitations... His perspectives enlightened me on choices..."

Melissa Tan

"Meditation is powerful. Meditation is a journey for life. I have everything I need in my life. Robin is funny in approach and serious in substance. His gentle technique was a pleasant companion during my journey of discovering the power of meditation."

Petr Pavelec

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